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Xbox 360 to get Live TV Streaming?

Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

It just might be, according to Endgadget, internal documents at AT&T plans to add support their U-Verse cable service bringing it to the Xbox 360 next month. The whole update is said to allow Xbox 360 users to view and record shows threw the service. The report saids while the service will be officailly announced for the Xbox 360 on October 17th, the actual service will not be usable until November 7th. Which is not to far off right? Though in order to use your Xbox 360 as a reciever, users will have to utilize an Xbox Connection Kit, which comes with a couple acessories to get you set up.  Subcribers will also be required to at least one standalone set up box in their home already to access the service. Sounds like a nice addition to the Xbox 360, though I hope it isn’t to pricey.


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