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Nintendo Declines Smartphone Creation

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We all know Nintendo! That awesome loving company that’s been around for years now. They love to start revolutions, they also love to get with the program and awe people with something more updated, and or incredibly new. Well not in this case. Unless you have been living under a rock the past 4 or 5 years now have been the beginning of a new Cell Phone era, the era of the smartphones. Recently several companies have been jumping on the smartphone train to try to amaze and audience with their own little smartphone creation. Recently the Windows 7 phone was created and now released, and even more recently it has been leaked Sony is joining the peer pressure and jumping onto this smartphone market, with their leaked “Playstation Phone” Yep that’s right both Microsoft and Sony, known for making amazing gaming consoles, and other devices have joined the realm of smartphones, which leaves us with Nintendo. Will they join the peer pressure as well? According to Reggie, that’s not going to happen. Nintendo sees themselves as a company that will always dominate the handheld market. The new Nintendo 3DS has been announced and many people are wondering, if it will ever have 3G capability. As of now the 3Ds is only known for it’s tag mode capabilities, and it’s other online connection features (Connection wise) As Reggie continued he saids that Nintendo will remain to keep their focus on making Video Games, and dominating in that market, as for the 3DS is their main focus right now, and prepping it for it’s February 26th Launch in Japan, and it’s March 2011 Launch in the U.S and Europe. I think eventually Nintendo will join that Smartphone boat, but for now work on prepping that 3DS guys! That things looking amazing!


Project Announcement No.1: “Phase 2” Youtube Series


Ok, so after some major stalling and thinking about Video Game related projects I wanted to get start it on for the gaming community, I came across a idea that I have once tried a long time ago. Yes that’s right, a youtube series. My old youtube series started with about say? 2 episodes and had no more than 10views. Why was this? Simply because the Videos were crap, I had no idea what I wanted to discuss, and my video game experiences were limited to Nintendo related games and systems only, therefore it would have been difficult for me to connect to a wider gaming audience. Now with every next gen console (Even though my Wii Broke) plus a brand new Dell computer, I believe this time around my Video series will be much more successful.

The Series will be called “Phase 2” I came up with the name, awhile back when I dreamed of starting my own RPG company called “Phase 2” though no matter how awesome that sounds there’s a very small chance of that happening as of now so long story short, I decided to you use as a video series title. The series will be uploaded on youtube, as I will also post links on Twitter, and Facebook. Even though I have decided to start this series, little thought has been put in into actually what I’m going to cover. It’s not that I have no clue, it’s just that there’s such a Variety of video game related topics to cover, and trying to cover all of them without boring to many audiences at once can be difficult. Which is why for part of the beginning development of this series I’m asking readers of this, whoever, wherever, whatever you are to feel free to send me suggestions on topics you would like to hear about and be covered, and things you would like to see. I also must mention as for my PC I do not have a webcam yet though I will be sure to get one a.s.a.p within the coming weeks. As there is a Macbook n my house as well with a built in camera, if I need to I could use that for my first few episodes though I will more than likely be using a PC/Windows Webcam. I do not want to make these videos always what on “my mind” which is why I am as well for viewers, users, etc’s feedback so I can discuss that feedback in some of my episodes. Sure this idea probably isn’t new at all but at least, I can slide away at least “a little” from all the other mainstream videos which are put out there. I want other gamers to be able to connect with these vids, express there views, and share their own part in this series. I want this series to be a little more…interactive shall I say from other video series. Of course it is difficult to do that over video, but in small ways it can be done at least. I also want to mention my video creating experience is at a minimum, as of now I am watching tutorials, and experiencing with my computers Video Creation program to get a head start on what I need to know and do, to make successful videos. Keep in mind at first these videos will not be as good as say..IGNs, or Inside Gaming, which I must say creates excellent videos with excellent quality. As much as I would like to call this a Vlog series to narrow it down to a more straight forward description of this series, it is not a vlog series because usually vlogs tend to express that creators view straight forward all of the time, then again it may change you never know.

In conclusion I also want to mention things that I thought of that I will be covering in these episodes, some being; Discussion on current video game scene news, Video Game competitions/cons, Occasionally video game reviews, Online Video Game Community discussion, breaking video game news, and large Video Game related topics that can be broken in large segments, as well as having viewers to have a chance in sending in questions, and views on discussions as well. With this said, these are only a small chunk of ideas I have came up with, and I am looking to readers, and viewers of this to come forward and send me ideas, I’m not the type of person to just throw suggestions out the window, and I get back to people a.s.a.p so please if you have any ideas feel free to contact me. Also along with the video series, I have thought that I should buy Shirts, and other apparel that represents other certain gaming communities so I can help spread communities names out there. Like I said before one of my main goals is still to help Video Game Communities thrive. Once I start the Video Series I plan on representing with an FC Shirt as well…so yea Go FriendCodes! Lastly on my ideas, I have also considered doing giveaways for certain video game related items, content, etc, and possible contest where viewers can win stuff. If this idea is carried out I will be sure to make these contests and giveaways as fair as possible to everyone has a chance at winning so don’t stress. Well that pretty much does it for the ideas, be sure to check back, and subscribe to my FC Blogs, or even follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to keep up with the projects I am working on and to learn about ways in which you can be apart of the projects. You can follow me on Twitter as I am XxMicoleXx, and you can follow me on facebook at or you can hit me up wherever you can contact me. Future details will be coming about Phase 2 so be on alert, until then Peace!
~ Phase 2 first upload planning to be uploaded Late October – Early November.

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World of WarCraft Catalysm Hits shelves December 7th

That’s right, the long awaited expansion for the hit MMORPG series World of WarCraft, Catalysm hit’s stores this December. As hype as WoW fans must be right now, they better have a lot of time on their hands if they want to explore this new World as soon as possible. Catalysm is looking very hot, sharp, Catalysmic. The Story of Catalysm is based off the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing, who of which is returning in the game to destroy Azeroth. This new expansion brings  two fresh charecter races, which are Worgen’s, and Goblins. As they level cap has now been pushed up to 85, players will have  new achivement to strive to get to. Catalysm will sell for 40$ at retail as well as being sold threw Blizzards online store, threw digital download. Also fans can pick up a Catalysm Collectors Edition, which includes bonus items, all being sold at the price of 80$ retail. Well WoW fans, are you ready to experience the new World? If not get prepared, you have about two more months to go. Well until next time! Peace! Oh!…and don’t forget to subscribe/follow me!

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Nintendo 3DS Rumors & Info

NINTENDO® 3DS (Hardware) E3 2010

Sorry to all people that have been reading, and have been waiting in extreme anticipation to read my amazing enterys. Haha just kidding, anyway sorry for the long delay of enterys lately and I promise I have come back to start posting again. And what’s better to start posting again with non other than my favortie video game topic this year…THE NINTENDO 3DS! Threw out the past month or so tons of hype has been growing in anticipation for more information on Nintendo’s all new handheld the 3DS. Well not to long ago Nintendo has announced that they would be holding a Press Conference about non other than the 3DS/3DS info on the 29th of September in Tokyo Japan, in the same place the magnificant Tokyo Game Show 2010 was held. Ever since the announcement of the conference many rumors have surfaced over the net about possible release dates, and prices, for the 3DS. One of which are a Gamestop insider has stated that GameStop had in their computers a release date for the 3DS here in the U.S set for November 22nd, launching with 18 games, and 14 accessories. This would make sense when it comes to Nintendo wanting to get money taking advantage of the Holiday rage that will be going on, so far this is all just a rumor, also the rumored preorder date was set for September 29th. More recently in the news a Large German newspaper announced that the release date for the 3DS would be November 10th in Japan, and launching in Spring 2011 in Europe, along with Mario Kart 3Ds, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS, and Professor Layton: and the Mask of Miracles. A price in the article states the 3DS price in europe will go for 200 euros, which has been said is roughly somewhere between 250$-270$ But yet no price nor release date had been stated for the U.S Which simply leaves us with the question we have all been wondering since E3 this year “When is the 3DS coming?’ Well as of now our only bright side to that question being answered is September 29th in Japan. Though it has been said that the Press Conference would only be covering 3DS info such as pricing, and release date, for Japan only. Also no foreign Press are allowed at the Press Conference which leads more of us to thinking the U.S and Europe are going to be out of luck this time around, but at the same time after all these rumors, with it coming closer and closer to 2011, and the Holiday season this year, it wouldn’t make much sense for Nintendo not announce any specific information on the 3DS for the U.S and Europe. Also it isn’t much like Nintendo to miss out on the Holiday season rage where consoles, and handhelds sell like hotcakes. Many though speculate  Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe, will make some sort of announcement shortly after, or not to long after the the Japan Press Conference, annoucning more details on the U.S and Europes side of the 3DS info. So everyone let’s our fingers crossed on some sort of information on the 29th. IGN has stated they will be on the lookout for as much information as they can grab and will let us know. As I will be doing the same. So follow IGN on Twitter, keep up with my Blog, and expect to begin getting some information late Tuesday night or early wedsday morning as Japan is a day and a few hours ahead of us I beleive. So in conclusion be on the look out, and until next time!..Peace.

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Sony Playstations New 3-D Update! (Part of TGS Research Coverage)

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Sony seems to be pretty serious about this whole 3-D deal. Earlier this year Sony released an update to all Playstation 3‘s enableing them to be 3-D compatible. Now there stepping it up a bit. At Tokyo Game Show Sony announced that the Playstation 3 would support 3-D Blu-Ray disc playback on September 21, with the all new 3.50 System update. Allowing users to watch movies in 3-D! Now 3-D is here on the playstation with both games and movies! I wonder what else they have in store..3-D Playstation Home perhaps? Wow that would be great. Sadly 3-D tv prices are still on the rise, and hard to obtain when your my age. But if you are making some cash, be sure to check out 3-D tv prices on black friday this year, you just might get a steal. Until those 3-D tv prices drop, I’ll still be playing the same old HD PS3. =(

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Agito vids leaked! + Info (Part of TGS Research Coverage)

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Tokyo Game Show 2010 seems like it’s all mad hype right now. Especailly for the Final Fantasy fans.  Earlier today is was said that both a Final Fantasy XIII Verus video and Final Fantasy XIII Agito video were leaked onto the internet. These videos were supposably to be a specail treat from Square Enix that only TGS attendies would see, looks like that treat got spoiled. Immediatly Square Enix took the videos down as soon as possible. No worries though, I’m sure they forgive us! On the brighter side, Square Enix states that we will see a lot more from Versus, and Agito in the near future, even if you aren’t at TGS. Of course overall they meant the Press Conference they have schedualed to hold on January 11 2011, which is supposably a press focuses on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Agito. Everything exciting gotta happen next year doesn’t it? Oh well..maybe some more news will come about something sooner. In the mean time, focus leveling your charecter on Final Fantasy XIV Online!

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Are you ready to Move?

The PlayStation Move controller.

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After those countless hours of sitting on your chouch, losing constantly to Halo freaks online on the new Halo Reach, you may be in a little mode to get up and get moving. Well Sony’s got an accessory for that, and guess what? It debuts this week along with a nice bundle. Playstaion Move is a …well I wouldn’t say all new accessory but a better revamp of Nintendo Wii’s controller. The playstation move let you enjoy a active experience threw various types of games by moving your body. Using the Playstaion Eye, the move controller, and the navigation controller which is optional depending on what game you whish to play. Allows you to have an active video game experience away from lying on your couch. All Move related items will be released this Friday, and you can buy the Move controller seperatly for 50$, the and the playstaion eye for 40$. Or both packaged together for the price of 99$. Just keep in mind, if your an Xbox owner as well and you love the idea of move related gameplay. Keep in mind you’ll probably be spending another 150$ next month for Microsofts Project Natal. Just a little wallet pain saving tip.

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