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Project Announcement No.1: “Phase 2” Youtube Series


Ok, so after some major stalling and thinking about Video Game related projects I wanted to get start it on for the gaming community, I came across a idea that I have once tried a long time ago. Yes that’s right, a youtube series. My old youtube series started with about say? 2 episodes and had no more than 10views. Why was this? Simply because the Videos were crap, I had no idea what I wanted to discuss, and my video game experiences were limited to Nintendo related games and systems only, therefore it would have been difficult for me to connect to a wider gaming audience. Now with every next gen console (Even though my Wii Broke) plus a brand new Dell computer, I believe this time around my Video series will be much more successful.

The Series will be called “Phase 2” I came up with the name, awhile back when I dreamed of starting my own RPG company called “Phase 2” though no matter how awesome that sounds there’s a very small chance of that happening as of now so long story short, I decided to you use as a video series title. The series will be uploaded on youtube, as I will also post links on Twitter, and Facebook. Even though I have decided to start this series, little thought has been put in into actually what I’m going to cover. It’s not that I have no clue, it’s just that there’s such a Variety of video game related topics to cover, and trying to cover all of them without boring to many audiences at once can be difficult. Which is why for part of the beginning development of this series I’m asking readers of this, whoever, wherever, whatever you are to feel free to send me suggestions on topics you would like to hear about and be covered, and things you would like to see. I also must mention as for my PC I do not have a webcam yet though I will be sure to get one a.s.a.p within the coming weeks. As there is a Macbook n my house as well with a built in camera, if I need to I could use that for my first few episodes though I will more than likely be using a PC/Windows Webcam. I do not want to make these videos always what on “my mind” which is why I am as well for viewers, users, etc’s feedback so I can discuss that feedback in some of my episodes. Sure this idea probably isn’t new at all but at least, I can slide away at least “a little” from all the other mainstream videos which are put out there. I want other gamers to be able to connect with these vids, express there views, and share their own part in this series. I want this series to be a little more…interactive shall I say from other video series. Of course it is difficult to do that over video, but in small ways it can be done at least. I also want to mention my video creating experience is at a minimum, as of now I am watching tutorials, and experiencing with my computers Video Creation program to get a head start on what I need to know and do, to make successful videos. Keep in mind at first these videos will not be as good as say..IGNs, or Inside Gaming, which I must say creates excellent videos with excellent quality. As much as I would like to call this a Vlog series to narrow it down to a more straight forward description of this series, it is not a vlog series because usually vlogs tend to express that creators view straight forward all of the time, then again it may change you never know.

In conclusion I also want to mention things that I thought of that I will be covering in these episodes, some being; Discussion on current video game scene news, Video Game competitions/cons, Occasionally video game reviews, Online Video Game Community discussion, breaking video game news, and large Video Game related topics that can be broken in large segments, as well as having viewers to have a chance in sending in questions, and views on discussions as well. With this said, these are only a small chunk of ideas I have came up with, and I am looking to readers, and viewers of this to come forward and send me ideas, I’m not the type of person to just throw suggestions out the window, and I get back to people a.s.a.p so please if you have any ideas feel free to contact me. Also along with the video series, I have thought that I should buy Shirts, and other apparel that represents other certain gaming communities so I can help spread communities names out there. Like I said before one of my main goals is still to help Video Game Communities thrive. Once I start the Video Series I plan on representing with an FC Shirt as well…so yea Go FriendCodes! Lastly on my ideas, I have also considered doing giveaways for certain video game related items, content, etc, and possible contest where viewers can win stuff. If this idea is carried out I will be sure to make these contests and giveaways as fair as possible to everyone has a chance at winning so don’t stress. Well that pretty much does it for the ideas, be sure to check back, and subscribe to my FC Blogs, or even follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to keep up with the projects I am working on and to learn about ways in which you can be apart of the projects. You can follow me on Twitter as I am XxMicoleXx, and you can follow me on facebook at or you can hit me up wherever you can contact me. Future details will be coming about Phase 2 so be on alert, until then Peace!
~ Phase 2 first upload planning to be uploaded Late October – Early November.

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