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Nintendo Declines Smartphone Creation

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We all know Nintendo! That awesome loving company that’s been around for years now. They love to start revolutions, they also love to get with the program and awe people with something more updated, and or incredibly new. Well not in this case. Unless you have been living under a rock the past 4 or 5 years now have been the beginning of a new Cell Phone era, the era of the smartphones. Recently several companies have been jumping on the smartphone train to try to amaze and audience with their own little smartphone creation. Recently the Windows 7 phone was created and now released, and even more recently it has been leaked Sony is joining the peer pressure and jumping onto this smartphone market, with their leaked “Playstation Phone” Yep that’s right both Microsoft and Sony, known for making amazing gaming consoles, and other devices have joined the realm of smartphones, which leaves us with Nintendo. Will they join the peer pressure as well? According to Reggie, that’s not going to happen. Nintendo sees themselves as a company that will always dominate the handheld market. The new Nintendo 3DS has been announced and many people are wondering, if it will ever have 3G capability. As of now the 3Ds is only known for it’s tag mode capabilities, and it’s other online connection features (Connection wise) As Reggie continued he saids that Nintendo will remain to keep their focus on making Video Games, and dominating in that market, as for the 3DS is their main focus right now, and prepping it for it’s February 26th Launch in Japan, and it’s March 2011 Launch in the U.S and Europe. I think eventually Nintendo will join that Smartphone boat, but for now work on prepping that 3DS guys! That things looking amazing!


Xbox 360 to get Live TV Streaming?

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It just might be, according to Endgadget, internal documents at AT&T plans to add support their U-Verse cable service bringing it to the Xbox 360 next month. The whole update is said to allow Xbox 360 users to view and record shows threw the service. The report saids while the service will be officailly announced for the Xbox 360 on October 17th, the actual service will not be usable until November 7th. Which is not to far off right? Though in order to use your Xbox 360 as a reciever, users will have to utilize an Xbox Connection Kit, which comes with a couple acessories to get you set up.  Subcribers will also be required to at least one standalone set up box in their home already to access the service. Sounds like a nice addition to the Xbox 360, though I hope it isn’t to pricey.


Gears of War 3 Delayed

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This morning  Cliff Bleszinski of epic games on twitter, has announced that Gears of War 3 has been delayed until Holiday 2011. Why has this tragic delay happen? Well we don’t know for sure yet, though many are speculating it may have something to do with adding in a motion feature into the game, similar to Sony adding in the Move feature into their KillZone 3. Cliff has stated that more news is on the way, and “the news will have quite the silvering lining” and told us to “have faith” Which only leaves me to think that they have something in store for this major title, but delayed it to work on it for a little longer. Well guess we will just have to wait and find out, I will for sure keep you updated. Also Please be sure to subscribe to me Blog, I cannot start all the major events, and givaways and such I have in store if I have no subscribers/followers. So be sure to tell your friends. I may not be a professional But I’m trying to collect as much news as the next site, so no worries. Well until next time, Peaceee.

Nintendo Teasen! Wii Fans Pleasen!

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Looks like the creator of Metroid Yoshio Sakamoto knows something we don’t know. At least us Nintedo fans.  In a recent interview Yoshio gives a little hint on the Wii sucessor teasing us saying “It will blow your mind away and leave you speechless” Of course Nintendo is always hard at work on new consoles and games, as well as always trying to come up with something new and unique. Earlier this years president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata stated that the Wii sucessor is definately in the making, but being cautious because to copycaters are on the look out for any unique ideas they can get there hands on (Sony & Microsoft) As much as I would like to see a Wii 2 or a new console from Nintendo in general, I’ll be patient and wait, because I know that Sony, and Microsoft will be ready to swoop up there idea and attempt and suceed at making it 10x better. Plus 512mb of memory isn’t that bad….right?

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