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Disc Free Netflix Streaming Has Arrived!

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Yep that’s right, first the Xbox 360, then recently the Playstation 3, and now the Nintendo Wii has decided to join the party ridding those pesky disc needed to steam netflix movies. This new update also alows users to finally “search movies” browse entire catagoires for movies, tv shows, as well as add them to your queue. Gaming consoles are just getting more entertainment all around friendly as the months go by. The new Netflix app can be downloaded from the WiiShop channel onto the Wii menu, or an SD Card incase your out of space. Either way, throw out that disc, and get to watching some movies!


Project Announcement No.1: “Phase 2” Youtube Series


Ok, so after some major stalling and thinking about Video Game related projects I wanted to get start it on for the gaming community, I came across a idea that I have once tried a long time ago. Yes that’s right, a youtube series. My old youtube series started with about say? 2 episodes and had no more than 10views. Why was this? Simply because the Videos were crap, I had no idea what I wanted to discuss, and my video game experiences were limited to Nintendo related games and systems only, therefore it would have been difficult for me to connect to a wider gaming audience. Now with every next gen console (Even though my Wii Broke) plus a brand new Dell computer, I believe this time around my Video series will be much more successful.

The Series will be called “Phase 2” I came up with the name, awhile back when I dreamed of starting my own RPG company called “Phase 2” though no matter how awesome that sounds there’s a very small chance of that happening as of now so long story short, I decided to you use as a video series title. The series will be uploaded on youtube, as I will also post links on Twitter, and Facebook. Even though I have decided to start this series, little thought has been put in into actually what I’m going to cover. It’s not that I have no clue, it’s just that there’s such a Variety of video game related topics to cover, and trying to cover all of them without boring to many audiences at once can be difficult. Which is why for part of the beginning development of this series I’m asking readers of this, whoever, wherever, whatever you are to feel free to send me suggestions on topics you would like to hear about and be covered, and things you would like to see. I also must mention as for my PC I do not have a webcam yet though I will be sure to get one a.s.a.p within the coming weeks. As there is a Macbook n my house as well with a built in camera, if I need to I could use that for my first few episodes though I will more than likely be using a PC/Windows Webcam. I do not want to make these videos always what on “my mind” which is why I am as well for viewers, users, etc’s feedback so I can discuss that feedback in some of my episodes. Sure this idea probably isn’t new at all but at least, I can slide away at least “a little” from all the other mainstream videos which are put out there. I want other gamers to be able to connect with these vids, express there views, and share their own part in this series. I want this series to be a little more…interactive shall I say from other video series. Of course it is difficult to do that over video, but in small ways it can be done at least. I also want to mention my video creating experience is at a minimum, as of now I am watching tutorials, and experiencing with my computers Video Creation program to get a head start on what I need to know and do, to make successful videos. Keep in mind at first these videos will not be as good as say..IGNs, or Inside Gaming, which I must say creates excellent videos with excellent quality. As much as I would like to call this a Vlog series to narrow it down to a more straight forward description of this series, it is not a vlog series because usually vlogs tend to express that creators view straight forward all of the time, then again it may change you never know.

In conclusion I also want to mention things that I thought of that I will be covering in these episodes, some being; Discussion on current video game scene news, Video Game competitions/cons, Occasionally video game reviews, Online Video Game Community discussion, breaking video game news, and large Video Game related topics that can be broken in large segments, as well as having viewers to have a chance in sending in questions, and views on discussions as well. With this said, these are only a small chunk of ideas I have came up with, and I am looking to readers, and viewers of this to come forward and send me ideas, I’m not the type of person to just throw suggestions out the window, and I get back to people a.s.a.p so please if you have any ideas feel free to contact me. Also along with the video series, I have thought that I should buy Shirts, and other apparel that represents other certain gaming communities so I can help spread communities names out there. Like I said before one of my main goals is still to help Video Game Communities thrive. Once I start the Video Series I plan on representing with an FC Shirt as well…so yea Go FriendCodes! Lastly on my ideas, I have also considered doing giveaways for certain video game related items, content, etc, and possible contest where viewers can win stuff. If this idea is carried out I will be sure to make these contests and giveaways as fair as possible to everyone has a chance at winning so don’t stress. Well that pretty much does it for the ideas, be sure to check back, and subscribe to my FC Blogs, or even follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to keep up with the projects I am working on and to learn about ways in which you can be apart of the projects. You can follow me on Twitter as I am XxMicoleXx, and you can follow me on facebook at or you can hit me up wherever you can contact me. Future details will be coming about Phase 2 so be on alert, until then Peace!
~ Phase 2 first upload planning to be uploaded Late October – Early November.

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Xbox 360 to get Live TV Streaming?

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It just might be, according to Endgadget, internal documents at AT&T plans to add support their U-Verse cable service bringing it to the Xbox 360 next month. The whole update is said to allow Xbox 360 users to view and record shows threw the service. The report saids while the service will be officailly announced for the Xbox 360 on October 17th, the actual service will not be usable until November 7th. Which is not to far off right? Though in order to use your Xbox 360 as a reciever, users will have to utilize an Xbox Connection Kit, which comes with a couple acessories to get you set up.  Subcribers will also be required to at least one standalone set up box in their home already to access the service. Sounds like a nice addition to the Xbox 360, though I hope it isn’t to pricey.


Price for Thought 3DS 300$? Cut the crap!

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Ok so this entery is going to be a little more self focused on my thoughts, on the recent 3DS price that is assuming to be 300$ here in the U.S Ever since the Japan related Press Conference which took place on September 29th in Tokyo Japan, U.S, and Europe gamers have been a little worried, and upset about the converted Japan to USD 3DS price. Well I’m here to tlak about that today. Ok so we know that Iwata stated the 3Ds set price was partly due to E3 2010 reactions. Thanks a lot fanboys..No I’m kidding, some say we have ourselves to thank for maybe getting a possibly high price for this sharp looking handheld, but really 300$? Well I’mhere to break it down. First and foremost, cut the over exaggerated “OMGZ THE 3DS‘Z PRICE IS GOING TO BE 300$ I CAN’T PAY FOR THAT!!!!” Calm down, the officail 3DS price for U.S, and Europe hasn’t even been announced yet. Secondly as far as I know along with many other gamers out there, Nintendo doesn’t convert prices from one region to another regions dollars. It just doesn’t work like that, I’m 99.99% sure (and probably correct) that Nintendo sets an individual price, for each regions based off on that regions market. Japan, and Europes market differ from the U.S’s so do not expect a straight up convert of the Japanese 3DS price to any other regions. Secondly, the 3DS is going March 2011 here in the U.S and Europe, which means one thing! Empty Wallets! The Holidays have ended, we have spent a fortune of gifts, traveling tickets, food, cleaning solutions to have our house prepared for ThanksGiving Dinner, and probably more based on your Holiday rush. So honestly if Nintendo wants sales they need to keep a reasonable price in mind since they plan to release it pretty much right after the Holiday rush. Third, guess what else in the gaming market has a price tag of 300$? That’s right! the mighty Xbox 360 Slim with 250GB, and the amazing PS3 Slim 120GB. Both of these consoles I’d say internal wise are probably 10x as powerful as the 3DS, most likely more. Why would Nintendo release a puny handheld the same price as of one these? Well…I don’t know why? Not to make money that’s for sure, if I had not already have owned an Xbox 360 I for sure would be buying the 360 slim for 300$ over a handheld with probably not as much power. It just wouldn’t make sense for Nintendo to put out a handheld the same price as a next generation console. I could go on all day, but lastly Nintendo has always been a “cheap selling” company. Ever since the console wars had begun Nintendo always had the cheapest handhelds, and consoles out on the market, and that has always satisfied their fans, and if they just now, right before they release this history channging, mouth dropping, eye candy handheld, decided to sell it for 300$ It would pretty much ruin that favored tradtion they kept going. So please everyone out their on the web, keep your panic to a minimum! Though at the same time let Nintendo know your not buying a handheld for 300$. I myself expect the handheld to range from 250-270$ no more than, and maybe a little less than that. Remember! Sony’s hidden PSP2 is soon to come on the rise as well, and Nintendo will have that to compete with. First impressions are important so it’d be best to put that handheld on the market for cheap to compete with Sony. Well this was my Price for thought, until next time Peace!

World of WarCraft Catalysm Hits shelves December 7th

That’s right, the long awaited expansion for the hit MMORPG series World of WarCraft, Catalysm hit’s stores this December. As hype as WoW fans must be right now, they better have a lot of time on their hands if they want to explore this new World as soon as possible. Catalysm is looking very hot, sharp, Catalysmic. The Story of Catalysm is based off the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing, who of which is returning in the game to destroy Azeroth. This new expansion brings  two fresh charecter races, which are Worgen’s, and Goblins. As they level cap has now been pushed up to 85, players will have  new achivement to strive to get to. Catalysm will sell for 40$ at retail as well as being sold threw Blizzards online store, threw digital download. Also fans can pick up a Catalysm Collectors Edition, which includes bonus items, all being sold at the price of 80$ retail. Well WoW fans, are you ready to experience the new World? If not get prepared, you have about two more months to go. Well until next time! Peace! Oh!…and don’t forget to subscribe/follow me!

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Capcom Announces Megaman Legends 3!

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It’s been awhile, but it’s finally here. In the past months, it was rumored that Capcom was working on a new Megaman game other than Megaman Universe, and now it has finally been revealed. The Megaman Legends trilogy origianlly took place on the Playstation 1 with Megaman Legends 1 & 2. Since then Capcom pretty much hung up the game to work on other major projects, such as Lost Planet, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and more. So Megaman Legends pretty much was small in the crowd of all the major games being developed. Now Capcom thinks the right time has come and has finally announced Megaman Legends 3, exclusinvely for the Nintendo 3DS! Sadly not much info has been revealed about the game besides that it’s coming hopefully not to long after the 3DS’s release, I’d say expect Fall 2011. Though there was a interview with one of the creators possibly discussing on details about the game. But in conlcusion, at least we know that Megaman is making a return! And just maybe..could he be an charecter in the new Marvel vs Capcom 3? Guess will have to wait and find out!

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Nintendo’s 3DS (Everything You Need To Know “Right Now”)

Last night, or should I say very..very early this morning Nintendo announced many specific details about there new Nintendo 3DS in Tokyo Japan in Makuhari. The same area where Tokyo Game Show 2010 was held. It was held about 2pm September 29th in Japan, while still very early here, yet many of us stayed up late to see what Nintendo would soon announce. First off “The Release Date” Nintendo has officailly announced that the Nintendo 3DS would hit retail shelves in Japan on Feburary 26th 2011 in color Aqua Blue, and Cosmo Black, going for the price of 25,000 yen converted to be about 300$. Do not worry fellow Americans and Europeans, it is more than likely Japan to NA/EU convertion of price will not be the deal, instead Nintendo will more than likely set a price tag based off of our market, or a more nessacary price for us, this could well mean we could see the 3DS for about 240$-260$ Which is what I beleive. This was a shocking announcement..for me at least, after all the rumors, and speculations of Japans release being this November, Nintendo came to halt these rumors crushing our hopes with a 2011 release. Though not much info was revealed for U.S and EU release dates, Satoru Iwata did mention that the 3DS would release in North America, and Europe sometime in March after Japans release in late Febuary. No officail price nor date was given. Despite our saddness, the web did seem to cheer us a up a little bit while grabbing hold of some trailers and gameplay that was presented at the Press Conference, which showed off some of the great visuals the 3DS had to offer, as well as some of the core features of the system.

Now it’s time to talk about the announced features.

3DS Virtual Console This was probably the most exciting of the new features they have announced. Similar to the Wii’s Virtual Console service. The 3DS will be joining in on the classic fun, except this time expect to get your hands on some GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, and GameBoy Advanced SP Games for download. Originally this feature was expected to come to Nintendos DSiWare shop, but instead I guess they decided to go with a fresh start and release it out on the 3DS instead. So far not many other details have been announced about the new 3DS Virtual Ware, but expect more details as we get closer to the Japanese 3DS release date.

SpotPass- This is a mode that is said to work in sleep mode, but I am guesing as well as when it’s awake. SpotPass is a mode where the 3DS seeks out a Nintendo Zone, a LAN Acesspoint, and connects to the internet to download videos,demos,game information, game data, and more.

StreetPass-Similar to SpotPass, when the 3DS is in sleep mode it will communicate with other nearby Nintendo 3Ds’s share data, and exchange data threw multiple games, with ease.

Multitasking- The 3DS also has some aort of a way with multitasking, the 3DS is able to exit a game, while it’s still running being able to return back to it later, though it has only been said so far the 3DS can only do this while going back to the following; Home menu, Internet Browser, and Activity Log (Which I am guessing is similar to the play time message that the Wii had on the message board showing your play time of games, and channels.

Built in Software- The 3Ds has a few built in software apps/channels that you can mess around with as well. Some include the Nintendo 3DS Camera, which takes 3D and 2D images that you can shrare with your friends. Another sofware includes the Nintendo 3DS Sound, which is probably similar to the DSi version, maybe sound qualirt possibly better as well as more features. Mii Studio which is similar to the Mii Channel, you can create a Mii and share it on various websites, upload them to your computer, and create one by just taking a picture of yourself, and the system will quite quickly, automatically create a Mii based off of your facail features.  StreetPass Mii Plaza, which will probably be a sofware feature where you are able to collect Mii’s from nearby Nintendo 3DS’s and have them transfered over to a Mii Plaza similar to the Wii version. Activity Log, which I stated before is probably a log that keeps track of your play time, on your 3DS.

                                                                          Other Additional 3DS Information (Some info old)

  1. Will be backwards compatible, able to play Nintendo DS, DSi, Games.
  2. Will be able to transfer a certain amount of Software and data from the DSi, and DSi XL/LL to the system. It has ben said that there is a limited amount of data, and software that can be transfered, and some software cannot be transfered.
  3. Parental Controls have made a protective return, and this time they have been improved.
  4. There will be a feature where you can view intro videos and rankings, for certain games you have bought.
  5. The 3Ds will come with; AC Chargning stand, contatchable touch pen, 2GB SD memory card,  AC Adapter, starter guide/manuels.
  6. New interface features include; slide pad, Motion Sensor, and a Gyro Sensor, internal mic.
  7. All 3D images are shown on the top screen.
  8. System details, and specs are contain in the following. Top screen is 3.53 inches with 800×24 pixel resolution, bottom screen is 3.02 inches, and 320×240 pixels, each camera is 0.3 megapixels, wireless switch can be turned off even while in mid game, cardriges are the same size as the Nintendo DS’s, 3D volume, which can be adjusted by a volume slider, bottom screen still touch screen, top screen is not.

Overall the 3DS is looking pretty sharp as the image shown at the Press Conference was the final build. Do you think it will be worth the 240-300$ price point that many of us are estimating at? I will keep you up to date with more 3Ds info as it continues to roll out. Until next time, Peace!

Here is a link to the 3DS feature video trailer,

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