Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Agito vids leaked! + Info (Part of TGS Research Coverage)

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Tokyo Game Show 2010 seems like it’s all mad hype right now. Especailly for the Final Fantasy fans.  Earlier today is was said that both a Final Fantasy XIII Verus video and Final Fantasy XIII Agito video were leaked onto the internet. These videos were supposably to be a specail treat from Square Enix that only TGS attendies would see, looks like that treat got spoiled. Immediatly Square Enix took the videos down as soon as possible. No worries though, I’m sure they forgive us! On the brighter side, Square Enix states that we will see a lot more from Versus, and Agito in the near future, even if you aren’t at TGS. Of course overall they meant the Press Conference they have schedualed to hold on January 11 2011, which is supposably a press focuses on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Agito. Everything exciting gotta happen next year doesn’t it? Oh well..maybe some more news will come about something sooner. In the mean time, focus leveling your charecter on Final Fantasy XIV Online!

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Devil May Cry is Back! (Part of TGS 2010 Research Coverage)

So TGS (Tokyo Game Show) has basically started since in Japan it’s Thursday evening…I think. One of the first announcements coming from the show for a company called Capcom. They have announced an all new Devil May Cry game, some already calling it Devil May Cry 5, but it looks way to new to be a sequal. Infact it looks to me as if the entire game as gotten a make over, even Dante! Sadly since I am still new to the whole Blogging thing, I cannot post the video here on my Blog but I will surely link you to the all the DMC trailer which was released. Since I’m typing an entery now I’d might’d as well let whoevers reading this know that starting with this entery, I will be constantly on the look out for updates, announcements, and news coming from the TGS to share with all readers. Also if you find info I have not found yet, send it to me and I will post it in curtosy of your findings. Here is the trailer link I promised. Enjoy!

Are you ready to Move?

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After those countless hours of sitting on your chouch, losing constantly to Halo freaks online on the new Halo Reach, you may be in a little mode to get up and get moving. Well Sony’s got an accessory for that, and guess what? It debuts this week along with a nice bundle. Playstaion Move is a …well I wouldn’t say all new accessory but a better revamp of Nintendo Wii’s controller. The playstation move let you enjoy a active experience threw various types of games by moving your body. Using the Playstaion Eye, the move controller, and the navigation controller which is optional depending on what game you whish to play. Allows you to have an active video game experience away from lying on your couch. All Move related items will be released this Friday, and you can buy the Move controller seperatly for 50$, the and the playstaion eye for 40$. Or both packaged together for the price of 99$. Just keep in mind, if your an Xbox owner as well and you love the idea of move related gameplay. Keep in mind you’ll probably be spending another 150$ next month for Microsofts Project Natal. Just a little wallet pain saving tip.

Nintendo Teasen! Wii Fans Pleasen!

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Looks like the creator of Metroid Yoshio Sakamoto knows something we don’t know. At least us Nintedo fans.  In a recent interview Yoshio gives a little hint on the Wii sucessor teasing us saying “It will blow your mind away and leave you speechless” Of course Nintendo is always hard at work on new consoles and games, as well as always trying to come up with something new and unique. Earlier this years president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata stated that the Wii sucessor is definately in the making, but being cautious because to copycaters are on the look out for any unique ideas they can get there hands on (Sony & Microsoft) As much as I would like to see a Wii 2 or a new console from Nintendo in general, I’ll be patient and wait, because I know that Sony, and Microsoft will be ready to swoop up there idea and attempt and suceed at making it 10x better. Plus 512mb of memory isn’t that bad….right?

Almost that time of season again!

Yes that is right, all the game expos are getting ready to close up (still have tokyo game show on the way) and companies and developers are ready to announce and dish out there new stuff for Fall and Holiday 2010. At the beggening of this year we shot off with dozens of amazing titles from Januaray all thw way into April! At that point I thought..oh wow this stinks, now fall 2010 isn’t going to be filled with much. But as usual I was wrong, E3 2010 came along and now there are some more exciting titles coming our way this fall, and I’m ready to play….well…a few. Nintendo bringing back the old school at this years E3 decided to suprise us with two titles I didn’t even expect which are Kirby Epic Yarn, and Donkey Kong Country Returns, and of course they threw out the 3DS but that wasn’t a big deal right? Then Sony came along and well there announcements weren’t exactly suprises but they have a few things coming along this Fall were all excited for one being the all new motion controller the Playstaion Move, not much of a suprise after playing with the Wii for about four years but hey maybe will have a fun experience, also the Big hit Little Big Planet gets a sequal Little Big Planet 2 hitting store shelves November 16th! Yes I rememberd the date because it will probably be on of the only disc based game I will be buying this Fall. Moving on we have titles for Xbox 360 coming this fall, most being on both PS3 and 360 but some are more preferred on 360. One being an exclusive we got Fable 3 which will be hitting store shelves sometime in November I beleive..not to sure. Also got Call of Duty Black Ops, this being on both PS3 and 360. Oh and lets not all forget the Xbox 360’s flag ship game for Fall this year which is Halo Reach, the final game in the Halo trilogy set to hit store shelves on September 14th! So yes, if you are a fellow gamer I suggest saving up on them $ and start laying down that $5 to your local gamestops of wherever you buy games because it’s going to be one heck of a season..once again for gaming!

Tokyo Game Show is Coming!!! September 16-19th

Tokyo Game Show is Coming!!! September 16-19th.

Tokyo Game Show is Coming!!! September 16-19th


Thats right! the Tokyo Game Show is soon to begin in about 3 weeks. TGS is a game convention held in Japan, where video game devleopers come and share there new products, games, and more to the public and other developers. Sadly, I will not be attending this amazing event, BUT I will use a source called the internet to provide you all with as much interesting information to satisy your gaming needs as possible. Expect most news to begin on the 17th where as most developers will be announcing and showing tons of stuff. I will be posting links to gameplay videos, articles written by myself about new announcements, and links about everything you will want to know. So stay tuned!

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