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Tokyo Game Show is Coming!!! September 16-19th


Thats right! the Tokyo Game Show is soon to begin in about 3 weeks. TGS is a game convention held in Japan, where video game devleopers come and share there new products, games, and more to the public and other developers. Sadly, I will not be attending this amazing event, BUT I will use a source called the internet to provide you all with as much interesting information to satisy your gaming needs as possible. Expect most news to begin on the 17th where as most developers will be announcing and showing tons of stuff. I will be posting links to gameplay videos, articles written by myself about new announcements, and links about everything you will want to know. So stay tuned!


Nintendo 3DS Hype!!

Incase you didn’t know, Nintendo will be announcing the 3DS price and release date at this years Tokyo Game Show on Septemer 19th. This only leaves me with one thing…HYPE! The Nintendo DS in my opnion was the best handheld gaming system to ever be put on the market. The Nintendo DSi no doubt made it even better. Adding camera function, mp3 function, a web browser, and DLC apps. The Nintendo DSi was something revolutionary in handheld gaming history. Now Nintendo is taking hold of the handheld market again with the creation of the new Nintendo 3DS, a 3D gaming system without the needs for glasses. The graphics have been up’ed majorly, as well as the functions, and games? Well we already have an exciting list on the way. Some include, Mario Kart 3DS, Kid Icarus, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, Animal Crossing 3DS, and many more. This leaves me very exictied and in nothing but desperation to do whatever it takes to get my hands on this portable right on release. In the mean’s save, save, save

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