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Nintendo Declines Smartphone Creation

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We all know Nintendo! That awesome loving company that’s been around for years now. They love to start revolutions, they also love to get with the program and awe people with something more updated, and or incredibly new. Well not in this case. Unless you have been living under a rock the past 4 or 5 years now have been the beginning of a new Cell Phone era, the era of the smartphones. Recently several companies have been jumping on the smartphone train to try to amaze and audience with their own little smartphone creation. Recently the Windows 7 phone was created and now released, and even more recently it has been leaked Sony is joining the peer pressure and jumping onto this smartphone market, with their leaked “Playstation Phone” Yep that’s right both Microsoft and Sony, known for making amazing gaming consoles, and other devices have joined the realm of smartphones, which leaves us with Nintendo. Will they join the peer pressure as well? According to Reggie, that’s not going to happen. Nintendo sees themselves as a company that will always dominate the handheld market. The new Nintendo 3DS has been announced and many people are wondering, if it will ever have 3G capability. As of now the 3Ds is only known for it’s tag mode capabilities, and it’s other online connection features (Connection wise) As Reggie continued he saids that Nintendo will remain to keep their focus on making Video Games, and dominating in that market, as for the 3DS is their main focus right now, and prepping it for it’s February 26th Launch in Japan, and it’s March 2011 Launch in the U.S and Europe. I think eventually Nintendo will join that Smartphone boat, but for now work on prepping that 3DS guys! That things looking amazing!

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