More PSP2 Rumors Roll In!

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Once again, I am sorry for the lack of posts, but I guess it really doesn’t matter since I’m lacking subscribers as well. Anyway, it’s been about month since we heard the developers of Mortal Kombat tell us that they have PSP2 kits on their hands that they’re looking amazing. Of course these are “developers” who have told the press that the PSP2 does certainly exist. With this being said their is a high chance that this information we are getting here may actually be true. Now to explain the more recent rumors that have been rolling out.  A certain eyewitness has said that they have seen the device, one thing the witness has stated is that he touch pad is a sort of “big mouse with a track pad” which supposably controls the game, along side the dual analog sticks…that’s right “Dual analog sticks”.  It has also been speculated that the Screen will be HD as well since everything is going HD these days. Other rumors state we could see this handheld as early as fall 2011, which isn’t that bad as lng as you buy the 3Ds to keep you occupied for a few seasons.

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