World of WarCraft Catalysm Hits shelves December 7th

That’s right, the long awaited expansion for the hit MMORPG series World of WarCraft, Catalysm hit’s stores this December. As hype as WoW fans must be right now, they better have a lot of time on their hands if they want to explore this new World as soon as possible. Catalysm is looking very hot, sharp, Catalysmic. The Story of Catalysm is based off the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing, who of which is returning in the game to destroy Azeroth. This new expansion brings  two fresh charecter races, which are Worgen’s, and Goblins. As they level cap has now been pushed up to 85, players will have  new achivement to strive to get to. Catalysm will sell for 40$ at retail as well as being sold threw Blizzards online store, threw digital download. Also fans can pick up a Catalysm Collectors Edition, which includes bonus items, all being sold at the price of 80$ retail. Well WoW fans, are you ready to experience the new World? If not get prepared, you have about two more months to go. Well until next time! Peace! Oh!…and don’t forget to subscribe/follow me!

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