Gears of War 3 Delayed

Gears of War (series)

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This morning  Cliff Bleszinski of epic games on twitter, has announced that Gears of War 3 has been delayed until Holiday 2011. Why has this tragic delay happen? Well we don’t know for sure yet, though many are speculating it may have something to do with adding in a motion feature into the game, similar to Sony adding in the Move feature into their KillZone 3. Cliff has stated that more news is on the way, and “the news will have quite the silvering lining” and told us to “have faith” Which only leaves me to think that they have something in store for this major title, but delayed it to work on it for a little longer. Well guess we will just have to wait and find out, I will for sure keep you updated. Also Please be sure to subscribe to me Blog, I cannot start all the major events, and givaways and such I have in store if I have no subscribers/followers. So be sure to tell your friends. I may not be a professional But I’m trying to collect as much news as the next site, so no worries. Well until next time, Peaceee.

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