Capcom Announces Megaman Legends 3!

Mega Man among various characters from the Meg...

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It’s been awhile, but it’s finally here. In the past months, it was rumored that Capcom was working on a new Megaman game other than Megaman Universe, and now it has finally been revealed. The Megaman Legends trilogy origianlly took place on the Playstation 1 with Megaman Legends 1 & 2. Since then Capcom pretty much hung up the game to work on other major projects, such as Lost Planet, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and more. So Megaman Legends pretty much was small in the crowd of all the major games being developed. Now Capcom thinks the right time has come and has finally announced Megaman Legends 3, exclusinvely for the Nintendo 3DS! Sadly not much info has been revealed about the game besides that it’s coming hopefully not to long after the 3DS’s release, I’d say expect Fall 2011. Though there was a interview with one of the creators possibly discussing on details about the game. But in conlcusion, at least we know that Megaman is making a return! And just maybe..could he be an charecter in the new Marvel vs Capcom 3? Guess will have to wait and find out!

Interview Video Link-

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