Nintendo 3DS Rumors & Info

NINTENDO® 3DS (Hardware) E3 2010

Sorry to all people that have been reading, and have been waiting in extreme anticipation to read my amazing enterys. Haha just kidding, anyway sorry for the long delay of enterys lately and I promise I have come back to start posting again. And what’s better to start posting again with non other than my favortie video game topic this year…THE NINTENDO 3DS! Threw out the past month or so tons of hype has been growing in anticipation for more information on Nintendo’s all new handheld the 3DS. Well not to long ago Nintendo has announced that they would be holding a Press Conference about non other than the 3DS/3DS info on the 29th of September in Tokyo Japan, in the same place the magnificant Tokyo Game Show 2010 was held. Ever since the announcement of the conference many rumors have surfaced over the net about possible release dates, and prices, for the 3DS. One of which are a Gamestop insider has stated that GameStop had in their computers a release date for the 3DS here in the U.S set for November 22nd, launching with 18 games, and 14 accessories. This would make sense when it comes to Nintendo wanting to get money taking advantage of the Holiday rage that will be going on, so far this is all just a rumor, also the rumored preorder date was set for September 29th. More recently in the news a Large German newspaper announced that the release date for the 3DS would be November 10th in Japan, and launching in Spring 2011 in Europe, along with Mario Kart 3Ds, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS, and Professor Layton: and the Mask of Miracles. A price in the article states the 3DS price in europe will go for 200 euros, which has been said is roughly somewhere between 250$-270$ But yet no price nor release date had been stated for the U.S Which simply leaves us with the question we have all been wondering since E3 this year “When is the 3DS coming?’ Well as of now our only bright side to that question being answered is September 29th in Japan. Though it has been said that the Press Conference would only be covering 3DS info such as pricing, and release date, for Japan only. Also no foreign Press are allowed at the Press Conference which leads more of us to thinking the U.S and Europe are going to be out of luck this time around, but at the same time after all these rumors, with it coming closer and closer to 2011, and the Holiday season this year, it wouldn’t make much sense for Nintendo not announce any specific information on the 3DS for the U.S and Europe. Also it isn’t much like Nintendo to miss out on the Holiday season rage where consoles, and handhelds sell like hotcakes. Many though speculate  Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe, will make some sort of announcement shortly after, or not to long after the the Japan Press Conference, annoucning more details on the U.S and Europes side of the 3DS info. So everyone let’s our fingers crossed on some sort of information on the 29th. IGN has stated they will be on the lookout for as much information as they can grab and will let us know. As I will be doing the same. So follow IGN on Twitter, keep up with my Blog, and expect to begin getting some information late Tuesday night or early wedsday morning as Japan is a day and a few hours ahead of us I beleive. So in conclusion be on the look out, and until next time!..Peace.

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