Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Agito vids leaked! + Info (Part of TGS Research Coverage)

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Tokyo Game Show 2010 seems like it’s all mad hype right now. Especailly for the Final Fantasy fans.  Earlier today is was said that both a Final Fantasy XIII Verus video and Final Fantasy XIII Agito video were leaked onto the internet. These videos were supposably to be a specail treat from Square Enix that only TGS attendies would see, looks like that treat got spoiled. Immediatly Square Enix took the videos down as soon as possible. No worries though, I’m sure they forgive us! On the brighter side, Square Enix states that we will see a lot more from Versus, and Agito in the near future, even if you aren’t at TGS. Of course overall they meant the Press Conference they have schedualed to hold on January 11 2011, which is supposably a press focuses on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Agito. Everything exciting gotta happen next year doesn’t it? Oh well..maybe some more news will come about something sooner. In the mean time, focus leveling your charecter on Final Fantasy XIV Online!

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