Devil May Cry is Back! (Part of TGS 2010 Research Coverage)

So TGS (Tokyo Game Show) has basically started since in Japan it’s Thursday evening…I think. One of the first announcements coming from the show for a company called Capcom. They have announced an all new Devil May Cry game, some already calling it Devil May Cry 5, but it looks way to new to be a sequal. Infact it looks to me as if the entire game as gotten a make over, even Dante! Sadly since I am still new to the whole Blogging thing, I cannot post the video here on my Blog but I will surely link you to the all the DMC trailer which was released. Since I’m typing an entery now I’d might’d as well let whoevers reading this know that starting with this entery, I will be constantly on the look out for updates, announcements, and news coming from the TGS to share with all readers. Also if you find info I have not found yet, send it to me and I will post it in curtosy of your findings. Here is the trailer link I promised. Enjoy!

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