Are you ready to Move?

The PlayStation Move controller.

Image via Wikipedia

After those countless hours of sitting on your chouch, losing constantly to Halo freaks online on the new Halo Reach, you may be in a little mode to get up and get moving. Well Sony’s got an accessory for that, and guess what? It debuts this week along with a nice bundle. Playstaion Move is a …well I wouldn’t say all new accessory but a better revamp of Nintendo Wii’s controller. The playstation move let you enjoy a active experience threw various types of games by moving your body. Using the Playstaion Eye, the move controller, and the navigation controller which is optional depending on what game you whish to play. Allows you to have an active video game experience away from lying on your couch. All Move related items will be released this Friday, and you can buy the Move controller seperatly for 50$, the and the playstaion eye for 40$. Or both packaged together for the price of 99$. Just keep in mind, if your an Xbox owner as well and you love the idea of move related gameplay. Keep in mind you’ll probably be spending another 150$ next month for Microsofts Project Natal. Just a little wallet pain saving tip.

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